Lock in Com-Strat services for next year’s projects with our CSPs

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December 1, 2016
Lock in Com-Strat services for next year’s projects with our CSPs

Do you have end-of-year budget money to spend? Did you benefit from Com-Strat’s assistance on your last project?

Lock in Com-Strat services for next year’s projects and initiatives today, with our Consulting Support Plans.

For over 29 years Communication Strategies’ clients have worked with our consultants as trusted advisors assisting with both short and long term projects. As engagements were completed, clients realized that Com-Strat’s experience and expertise added significant value to their internal teams while achieving their communication goals. Many organizations expanded that relationship beyond initial projects, continuing to engage Com-Strat consultants for additional services.  Emerging technologies such as Unified Communications, Hosted/Cloud IT and IS platforms, LAN/WAN, and Cyber-Security require Subject Matter Experts (SME) that may not justify hiring long term in-house staff.

Responding to our client’s requests to align our practices with their business and financial objectives, Com-Strat offers the Consultant Support Plan. CSPs are designed to meet the majority of ongoing client requests in three bundled offerings: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Each package has been designed with a client profile in mind. Key elements of Consultation, VAR Troubleshooting, Intercession and Escalation are incorporated into the three plans. Annual, Quarterly and Monthly options allow clients to choose which program is best suited to meet their inventory, audit and business objectives.

More than a Consultant on Call program, the Communication Strategies plans positions a dedicated Project Manager as an integral member of a client business unit, providing the appropriate level of project expertise and experience as needed.

Most important is that Com-Strat programs can expand or adjust as the requirements of an organization changes and Com-Strat clients can select from a variety of options.

  • Bronze, Silver, Gold Programs
  • Ala-Carte Options
  • “Bucket of Hours” for Ongoing Projects
  • Customizable Programs